Intercessors shouldn't have to go it alone.

Why Pray Strategically

Advance God's Kingdom through Intercession
Go to Build Unity

Build Unity

Knit your team together to support each other as they support you in your ministry.

Go to Understand the Battle

Understand the Battle

The enemy attacks on all fronts: finances, relationships, discouragement, morals. An effective battle strategy is critical to staying in the fight.

Go to A Culture of Prayer

A Culture of Prayer

By designing the strategy to support each other in a focused, systematic way, your teams influence will expand.

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This prayer model has proven effective in advancing Gods Kingdom.
Christian leaders are being targeting by the enemy.

Thousands of intercessors and pastors have discovered the amazing benefits of a specific strategic prayer model for building prayer teams for leaders. God’s kingdom is advanced when pastors and intercessors join together!

This God-given model covers the intercessors while they pray for the pastor or leader and ignites a culture of prayer. Discover how this model works, basic principles to facilitate a healthy team and practical tips for lasting results.

Whether new to intercession or a seasoned prayer warrior, the Intercessor’s Workshop provides fresh perspective and equipping in various areas of intercession.

Know Your Intercessors

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each type.


Ready for Battle!
May intimidate others
…and more


Alert to danger
Can tend to be loners
…and more


Keeps prayer focused
May miss the big picture
…and more


Carry intercession on their heart
Faithful and loyal
May not engage when its time for battle
…and more

97% of pastors say they are inadequately trained for the challenges they face.